Exordium is a read-only web-based music library system for Django. Exordium will read mp3 and ogg files from the host filesystem and provide an online interface to browse, download (as zipfiles or otherwise), and stream.

The HTML5 media player jPlayer is used to provide arbitrary streaming of music.

Exordium was built with a very specific set of operational goals and does not attempt to be a generic library suitable for widespread use. There are, in fact, no configuration options beyond those to define the file paths/URLs necessary for basic usage. Patches to add/change functionality will be happily received so long as they don't interfere with or disable the current functionality by default, but there is no internal development goal to make Exordium a generic solution.


Exordium is available to install on PyPI via pip3 install django-exordium. You can upgrade to the most recent version with pip3 install --upgrade django-exordium. (Be sure to run Django migrations after any upgrade!) PyPI also hosts Python packages for Exordium in both source and Wheel formats, at Source and wheel downloads are also available below:

Current Release (v1.4.3) - March 21, 2023
Previous Releases:
Available Here

Exordium sourcecode is hosted at GitHub, and sourcecode archives of released versions can be found there at


Stable Documentation (v1.4.3) Latest Documentation (may differ from released versions)

Documentation is also included in the project's docs/ directory.


The best place to report bugs/issues is at Exordium's Github Issue Tracker. CJ can be found on Libera as the user apocalyptech - feel free to contact me there!