(Last updated: July 22, 2020)

After yet another playthrough of the excellent Ur-Quan Masters (an open-source port of the original Star Control II) recently, I decided I wanted to create a plot tree showing exactly what can be done, and what order it needs doing in. There's a lot to do in UQM/SC2, and there's a lot which doesn't have to be done in order, but I was happy to see the dependencies all laid out.

I'd originally based this off a handy little graph that someone had put together as part of some speedrun documentation here: http://tasvideos.org/1493S.html. I've expanded on that quite a bit, though, and added in all the optional stuff, etc. As in that graph, people/races/homeworlds are in orange, and items are in green.

Many of the puzzles in UQM/SC2 can be "solved" by just waiting for the Kohr-Ah to Do Their Thing towards the end of the game, if you wait around or just take too long. This tree assumes you're trying to avoid that, so doesn't ever mention the possibility, even though it would remove some of the prerequisites for various of the tasks/items in there.

It should go without saying that this tree contains all kinds of spoilers.

UQM Plot Tree (shrunk)
(Click through for full-sized version)

This was created using Graphviz 2.40.1, and is released under Public Domain / CC0 1.0 Universal.

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Let me know if you've got questions, or comments, or if you've noticed a mistake or three that need fixing.


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