This is my little corner of the web about the fantastic game ZZT.

Mostly I put this up because I rediscovered the game, wanted to print out the programming reference manual, and discovered that the only place on the web (that I could find, anyway) where an HTML version of the manual could be found was hosted on That's certainly a fine place to find information, but I felt that the manual deserved a better home. So, I cleaned up the text a bit, recreated some missing graphics, did a quick makeover on the HTML, and I can now link you to the ZZT Manual (née 'ZZT Help').

I also kept a local mirror of the pages I yanked off, available here.

There's a ton of good ZZT information available at, and I'm a bit surprised that I couldn't seem to find this document over there as well. Still, good stuff. There's some similar documentation about programming in the game over there, at least.

If I ever end up doing anything interesting ZZT-related, I'll likely put it up here (new worlds, etc), though the chances of that are somewhat slim.