From the world editor, press F2 to bring up the menu of creatures. A wide variety are available, each with different characteristics.


Many types of creatures have attributes, such as intelligence, sensitivity, and direction, that can be customized. These attributes affect different aspects of a creature's movement.

Some creatures have an Intelligence setting. This affects how well the creature will find the player. One with a low intelligence moves largely at random, while an intelligent creature actively follows the player.

Note: There is not space to describe each creature in much detail. You must learn by experimenting and watching the behavior of all of the creatures.

Creature Types

Bears are attracted to the player when the two are close together. Their goal is to attack the player. When a bear comes into contact with a Breakable Wall, both disappear.
Ruffians move sporadically, alternately moving and resting. They will try to catch the player.
Objects are a versatile kind of creature and can be customized using the ZZT-OOP programming language. When placing an Object on the board, you may pick any character to represent it. Then, you enter commands to control the creature during game play. If you want to modify the program of an already-existing Object, position the cursor above it and press [ENTER].

Programming instructions.

Sharks cannot move on land; they can only move in water. Be careful when walking around shark-infested waters, because they can very quickly jump out and harm you.
A single Slime will spread out by replicating itself until an entire region is filled. Slime only oozes through empty space, so it is blocked by walls. As slime spreads out, it leaves a trail of breakable walls. The player can stop the slime by touching it. The only threat it poses is in trapping the player.

Uses of Slimes

Spinning guns
Spinning guns rotate and shoot in random directions. By placing walls on various sides of a gun, it can be aimed in any desired direction.
Pushers move slowly in a given direction, pushing Boulders and Sliders ahead of them. They can move the player, but do not pose a direct threat.
Lions move quickly about the board, attracted to the player according to their intelligence. Lions can't shoot.
Tigers move toward the player and shoot bullets. These bullets are harmful only to the player. In fact, no creatures will directly harm other creatures.
These are the most interesting type of creature, because they can contain many different parts linked together. A Centipede consists of a Head and several body Segments. The Head decides where to move, and the body follows behind.

To place a Centipede on the board, first place the Head, then put Body segments along side, in a line. All parts must be in contact. When a Centipede is shot, it will break up into two smaller centipedes, which move independently.