ZZT Manual


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Getting started:

The ZZT Editor is a tool for creating silly ZZT game worlds. By using the editor, you can create individual game boards and then link them together into a larger entity called a "world".

The editor functions the same as many drawing programs: Starting with a blank screen, objects are added and arranged until an interesting picture emerges. Once a board has been created, it can be saved to disk and then played, just like a ready-made game.

The editor is somewhat complex, so it takes time to master. Begin by creating a few simple boards, then work your way up to more complex scenarios at your own pace. The results will be well worth the effort.

Editing commands:

Load a world from disk.
Save a world to disk.
Quit the ZZT Editor.
Open a .HLP file. Usually, this EDITOR.HLP file will be opened, but if it doesn't, just press Enter.
Switch boards. Also use this command to create a new board.
Board Information: Change the characteristics of the particular board being edited.
More about Board Information.
Place an item on the board.
Place a creature on the board.
Place terrain on the board.
Enter text onto the board. Use this to spruce up your boards with entertaining messages. During gameplay, text acts like walls.
Place the selected pattern on the board. The pattern is indicated on the bottom right of the screen.
Toggle drawing mode. When drawing mode is on, the current pattern will automatically be placed wherever the cursor is moved.
Select pattern.
Select color.
Some useful commands are not listed on the screen. These are:
Clear board.
Fill in bounded region with current pattern - just draw the outline of a shape and use this command to fill it in.
Modify object under cursor: Allows you to change the properties of an object that has already been placed.
New: Create a new world.
Transfer: Import or Export boards. Allows individual boards to be brought in or out of worlds. A board from one world can be written to a file, then read back into a different world.
Redraw screen.
Redraw screen.
Edit .HLP file. Enter the name of the file and it will be opened for editing. Can be used to create simple hint files and notes.

WARNING! This function tends to work erratically.

[Shift] + Cursor Keys
Plot with selected pattern.
Cheat. Cheat codes can be entered in the editor, as well.