Terrains are the most important part of any ZZT board because they form the foundation upon which the game's action is based. Walls, Boulders, Forest, and other terrains can be arranged to form puzzles, mazes, and scenery. Each type of terrain has unique properties.
Neither players nor creatures can travel through water, except sharks, of course, but bullets pass freely over it. The player must maneuver around water, taking care to avoid bullets passing over it. Interesting enough, objects with stats, including the player, can be placed ON water, as well as on empty and fake.
The player can move through forest, clearing a path behind him. Creatures can not move through forest, but readily follow the player through cleared paths.
Solid and Normal Walls
These walls form a barrier that is always impenetrable. Nobody walks through walls except objects that are programmed to clear it out first.
Breakable Walls
These walls also block the player and all creatures, but can be destroyed.

When a breakable wall is shot with a bullet, one piece of the wall disappears. Also, when a bomb explodes, all breakable walls in the vicinity of the bomb are destroyed.

Boulders are solid objects that can be pushed around by the player.

By combining boulders, pushers, walls, and other objects, a variety of challenging thought puzzles can be created.

Sliders are similar to boulders, but are confined to move in a line. A slider looks like a line with two arrows at opposite ends, and can only move in the direction of the arrows.
Fake walls
Fake walls look exactly like normal walls, but have no effect on the player. The player can walk over fake walls just as if they were empty space. Fake walls are meant for creating secret passages.
Invisible walls
Invisible walls look like empty space to the player, but prevent the player from moving over them. When the player touches an invisible wall, it suddenly appears as a normal wall. Creatures can't pass through invisible walls either.
Blinking walls
A blinking wall placed on the board emitts a ray pointing in a specified direction. This ray blinks on and off at a constant rate, and forms a barrier that is difficult for the player to cross.

When created, each blinking wall must be assigned a starting time and a duration. By creating a line of walls with the same duration but varying start times, a moving wave appears.

When the player enters a transporter, he is magically moved to another area of the board.

Each transporter points in a given direction, and the player can only enter the transporter from behind. He is then moved along a line, in the direction of the transporter, to the nearest transporter that points in the opposite direction.

Ricochets will redirect the direction of a bullet. If a bullet hits it head-on, it goes right back in the opposite direction. If it hits a wall, and a ricochet is right next to its last position, it ricochets at a right angle, like so:

Ricochet, before Ricochet, after