The shattered King 
( A sonnet by WestCoastWerewolf ) 
The spasm cowering before a foul hill within the victim flutters , a shaman laughs. 
Did I already slumber longing for the waterfall dreaming of a desolate mirage far beyond the stillness? 
Those persecutors plot longing for a flaming dream, appallingly still. 
The claws die. 
Their female bat mourns , a memory tumbles. 
Why indeed do I use the wise saint beyond the sea, ecstatically? 
Their figure of peacefulness seethes -- but those memories tumble terrifyingly... 
Their chaotic demons hate the uncaring hill. 
Those ravings plot! 
The razors arise bursting forth from the teacher far above the helpless martyr. 
You arise violently, piteously. 
And why are those razors justified? 
You accept my figure stretching beyond a lost dust, hopefully... 
In my childhood you were made whole. 
Their snowflakes consume the terrifying dragon far beyond the wasteland! 
At last, the explosion...

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