O R'LYEH? (2)

(Image credit: D14BL0, apparently)

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  1. That is a funney picture you should make a movie out of it

  2. Well this is interesting. I was randomly searching Google Images for a stock image to use for a Photoshop I was about to perform, searching for “r’lyeh”. When I came across this picture, I was quite shocked.

    I am the original creator of this image. I made this a year or two ago, right after the O RLY catchphrase took off. Do you happen to know where you found this image?

  3. Oh hey! Glad to have found a credit for this one at last. Of course, you could be lying through your teeth, but I’ll just go ahead and believe you. :)

    Anyway, this one was one of the original batch which I had discovered in this forum thread (that link’s in the “About” section as well) – though the original poster there had just said that he’d found it on “the internet.”

  4. YA R’LYEY.

  5. oops. R’LYEH
    typo. sorry

  6. What teeth?

  7. O R’lyeh what does it mean please can you answer on my mail please…..

  8. I know about the O rl’yeh catch phrase, but I found a digital copy of that artwork about 7 or 8 years ago.
    So the statement,
    “I am the original creator of this image. I made this a year or two ago, right after the O RLY catchphrase took off.” ,
    doesn’t hold water. I don’t know who did the original artwork but it wasn’t this D14blo guy.

  9. Contention! The interwebs are aflutter!

  10. He’s doing the model, lean and look back over the shoulder pose!

  11. Ia! Rl’yeh!

  12. “I am the original creator of this image.”

    O Rl’yeh?


  14. Wtf is that thing?

  15. He is no where as evil as Bill O’Reilly, but has better looks.

  16. “That thing” is the Great and Evil Old One, C’thulhu. Bow down to him or DIE. His cult will track you down like a dog and kill you.

    …I run a CoC game with my friends on Saturdays. I know these things.

  17. O, R’lyeh?

    Iä, R’lyeh!

  18. This is a great piece of fan art to my cult. He looks like one of my followers up in the Chinese mountains. “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” The writing is most obviously AC/DC font. “In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.” Yeh, O’ rly.

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