Ever since this site started getting popular, I began to get submissions which didn’t really fit the “feel” that I was going for on the main page. Sometimes the submissions weren’t really lolcatty, sometimes they used plush C’thulhu toys for the picture, or line drawings, or just other elements which I liked but didn’t want to put up in the main area. It wasn’t long before I decided that I wanted to put up a sub-section where these wayward submissions would find a happy home. It’s taken quite a while for me to actually get that sub-site together, but it’s finally ready:


I’ve put up an initial seed of five images, and I’m going to continue to space out posts on that site to one-per-day, like I’ve been doing here. As a result, I’ve currently got over a month of backlog for the Miscellany site, so any new submissions which end up over there won’t show up for quite awhile. I like spacing them out because that way I know I’ve got some content even if submissions drop off for awhile, which they do sometimes.

One more note: RSS is, of course, available over there exactly as it is here. I did create a combined RSS feed, if you were interested in just having one, which is available at combfeed.php. Currently that only supports RSS2.0. If there’s desire for a combined Atom feed as well, send me a note.

I believe that just about does it. Happy macroing!

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