Apologies for the lack of updates in forever. We are still here and accepting submissions, and I’ve got a bunch of submissions from the last month or so that I regrettably haven’t had a chance to look at yet. I’m hoping to do that this weekend and get some new content out soon. I don’t feel too bad about it, though, since it’ll actually be kind of nice to have a few posts lined up. So, anyway, we’re still alive and haven’t closed down. More content is forthcoming!

21 Responses to WE *ARE* STILL HERE

  1. Woohoo! I mean, I dig that Cthulhu is patient and all, but no one can lie dreaming in R’lyeh for THAT long… :-) Welcome back.

  2. Hurray.

  3. I was a bit worried lol!

  4. Finally! I mean, i’ve been waiting for ages for you to get more content! I’m glad that you’re not dead, lol.

  5. We knew you were still here, The mythos always shall be.

    And when all humans have been devoured Cthulhu will still be eating his minions that work on this site in secret.

  6. Glad that you weren’t a midnight snack!

  7. Great Googaly Moogaly!

  8. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh LOLTHULHU R’lyeh wgah-nagl ftaghn!

  9. I enjoyed his website so much that I ate him first.

    The rest of you are next.


  10. this site is one of the bestests evar!

    closing it down would be blasphemy (against the son god, which is me) and a crime against humanity

  11. Yeah, it’s not closing down. There would have been new stuff up already, but I ended up getting hammered by some mega flu which I’m just now at the tail end of. I’ve been kind of a zombie for awhile. Soon!

  12. Ah, zombies! Lovecraft would approve. (And if you’ve never been shot up by a horde of Confederate zombies… you’ve never played Call of Cthulhu)

  13. Sick pups. VEEERY sick pups.

  14. Just remember that I always love you all—in a sandwich!

  15. Oh, lies, lies… Cthulhu would probably approve of this as well.

  16. So… Are you well yet? make me laugh! I command it!

  17. *knock-knock*

    Anyone home? You still there? Hellooooooo?


    …. want more lolcthulu…

  18. Yes, I am well now – apparently I’m just a jerk. Things are busy!

    But then, the elder gods wouldn’t care. I promise! Soon!

  19. So forthcome it already! I COMMAND YOU, MORTAL! GROVEL AND COWER!

  20. i think someone needs a CoSysOp…

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